Women in Business Stories: Impacting Lives 

Published on Mar 07, 2023

Women in Business Stories: Impacting Lives 

Every March, we celebrate Women’s History Month where we honor women’s contributions in American History. This is a time to celebrate actions big and small that have led the way for progression. The theme for Women’s History Month 2023 is Celebrating the Women Who Tell Our Stories. These women might be podcasters or news anchors, authors or movie stars but they all have one thing in common: they’re storytellers. Making a difference is part of the way forward and having someone to share the story of success and triumph takes us even further. 

In the spirit of these female storytellers, Valley’s Women in Business program is passionate about telling the stories of our members who make an impact and are making history in their industries. 

We’re proud to share the story of Dr. Elizabeth Kera of the Neuroscience Institute.

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Kera

Dr. Elizabeth Kera, Director of the Division of Psychology within the Neuroscience Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center, is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist with subspecialty training in neuropsychological assessment of neurologic conditions across the lifespan. Dr. Kera is dedicated to comprehensive, patient-centered care that is tailored to the cognitive, emotional, and physical needs of each individual patient and family. 

Dr. Kera and a colleague opened up a private practice that focused on providing neuropsychological services to individuals of all ages that have been impacted by neurologic and developmental conditions. Like most entrepreneurs, Dr. Kera started her business as a “side hustle” while she was working a fulltime job. “It took time to build the practice to what it is today but we currently have large spacious offices with a multitude of diagnostic materials that can assist our patients!”

Making an impact in the lives of others

“In healthcare, there are always challenges. However, I do believe that by facing them together as a team with colleagues and patients and their families, we have the privilege of impacting their lives.” – Dr. Elizabeth Kera

Dr. Kera serves as an advisory board member for Ping Pong Parkinsons, a charity organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of Parkinson’s disease through table tennis. She and her team are passionate about improving quality of life for their patients and optimizing their function at home, school, or work. “To me, being a woman in business means that we are now “leaning in” and showing that you have a lot of value, innovative ideas, and intelligence to add to any industry.”

While working hard to make an impact on her patients’ lives, she also works hard to be there for her family. Though, like most women, she finds challenge in organizing her schedule. “Being a working mother is difficult, especially when you have the kind of career that is not necessarily a 9-5 job.” With a lot of priorities and people in her life, Dr. Kera balances time between her business, hospital work, teaching, research, and her family. 

Female mentorship 

As such an inspiration herself, she is inspired by the women around her. “My mother has always been a huge role model for me in terms of showing me that success requires a lot of sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. I also tip my hat to the female mentors I have had in my own field that have helped to prepare me for the roles I am in today.” 

Dr. Kera hopes to inspire future generations of women in healthcare by setting an example of providing a high level of clinical care to patients while still being sensitive to the individual patient’s needs and tailoring treatment recommendations to their situation. She emphasizes the importance of sharing stories of success across all types of careers to help others succeed. I think it is crucial to share stories of women being successful in various industries so we can set a precedent and provide support to those who are just getting started.” 


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