Women in Business 2021 Year in Review

Published on Jan 06, 2022

Women in Business 2021 Year in Review

The end of the year is a special time for businesses: it’s a chance to plan for the future while simultaneously looking back on how the year unfolded. You might have hit some roadblocks and maybe not everything went as planned but taking a moment to appreciate all that you’ve accomplished can create some good perspective as you plan for the coming year.

The Women in Business group was busy this past year. It supported nearly 30 nonprofit events, ranging from fundraising to workshops and everything in between. Below you can enjoy some highlights of the most popular and beloved events. And to truly recap the year, check out the full list of everything WIB accomplished as a group.

Event highlights

Wise Women Wednesdays with the Tampa Bay Centre provided 8 hour-long Zoom sessions in conjunction with the Centre and their members and hosted by our women leaders. Topics presented included ‘Using Social Media’, ‘Creating Your Brand’, ‘Creating Your Dream Team’, ‘Preparing Yourself for Credit & Business’, ‘Personal Budgeting & Finances’, ‘Alternative Lending’, ‘Importance of Treasury to Your Business’, and ‘Avoiding Financial Fraud’.

The Art of Being a Modern Latina was hosted by SHCCNJ. It included an in-person networking session at Son Cubano Restaurante in Jersey City and various members of the Community Lending team were in attendance.  

Below is an extensive list of other Valley Women in Business supported events that took place in 2021:

Other accomplishments that WIB is proud to announce:

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Valley knows that women business owners might need products for their business tailored to their unique needs, that’s why we created checking accounts designed for female entrepreneurs

To learn more about Valley’s Women in Business group, click here.

Finding Funding: Resources for Women

Finding Funding: Resources for Women

Fortunately, today there are a range of funding options available especially for women business owners, including grants, crowd-funding, angel investors, and business accelerator programs. You can also turn to financial institutions like Valley Bank who are championing women-owned businesses and helping them find the financing they need to succeed.

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