3 Money-saving activities to try this summer vacation

Published on Jul 24, 2023

3 Money-saving activities to try this summer vacation

Creating a memorable summer vacation can be achieved while keeping a conscious budget. In fact, thanks to the current economic climate, Bank Rate reported that 28 percent of vacationers are choosing more budget-friendly activities for their summer getaway. 

If you’re looking for interactive or immersive experiences while at your summer destination, here are a few low-cost — or free — ideas to consider. 

1. Download a free audio tour 

An option that is typically available no matter where the locale is, is an audio tour. Audio tours are recorded educational commentary about a specific location or attraction. As listeners walk through or observe the subject or area, audio tours provide knowledge about it similar to what a live tour guide might offer, but at a lower cost. 

Free audio tours, particularly for popular tourist destinations, are readily available, offering an affordable way to spend an hour or two during vacation. Guiding yourself along an audio tour of your host city offers a new perspective of the surrounding area, providing a glimpse into its history and culture. 

A few places to find audio tours include:

2. Visit free points of interest

Another budget-minded summer vacation activity is visiting low-cost or free sightseeing opportunities. No matter where you travel to, it likely offers at least one affordable point of interest that lends a unique and memorable experience. 

Below are a few examples of points of interest to try: 

3. Picnic at a famous park

Enjoying a picnic while on vacation offers more benefits than just fresh air. For one, it helps you and your group save money on meals, compared to dining at a restaurant. Simply visit a local grocery store to purchase finger foods, or your favorite sandwich ingredients for a filling lunch.

It also offers flexibility. This activity can be held at other outdoor areas, like at the foot of a forested hiking path, or on the beach also achieves the same idea) and at any time that’s convenient (weather permitting). Plus, this affordable summer activity lets you spend quality time with friends and/or families while sharing a slice of everyday life with the locals.

Here are a few examples of famous parks across the country and internationally that are free to enter and enjoy:

Another perk of having a picnic is that you’re often in close proximity to other low-cost activities, such as potential hiking or walking paths, street performers and shows, and more.

Let these ideas inspire unique experiences for your upcoming trip. Including just one or two of these inexpensive activities to your itinerary can offer significant savings, especially if you’re traveling as a large group.




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