How to safeguard against identity theft when using public WiFi at events or traveling

Published on Sep 28, 2023

How to safeguard against identity theft when using public WiFi at events or traveling

Picture this: you’re at the airport, waiting to board your flight. To kill time, you connect to the airport’s public WiFi on your cell phone. Or perhaps you’re in a cafe, using an unsecured network on a mobile device to book a hotel room for the night. These scenarios may seem harmless, but they can expose you to significant security risks like identity theft.

Whether in coffee shops, taxis, or hotel rooms, the temptation to connect to free WiFi can be strong. But these places are where identity thieves and cybercriminals are on the hunt. They target less cautious individuals, exploiting the public WiFi to access personal information, credit card numbers, and even sensitive information like your social security number. 

At Valley Bank, we’re committed to helping you stay safe online, particularly when traveling or attending events. This article is a comprehensive guide to safeguarding against identity theft and ensuring peace of mind while using public WiFi—no matter where you are. 

What are public WiFi risks?

Public WiFi is convenient but fraught with dangers that can compromise your personal data, including your bank account. The following risks present a multi-faceted threat that could lead to identity theft, causing financial loss and significant stress:

How to use public WiFi safely

Given how ingrained public WiFi is in our daily lives, it’s nearly impossible to avoid. However, you can take the following precautions to minimize the risks:


We can help

The convenience of public WiFi when traveling or attending events comes with significant drawbacks, underling the need for robust identity theft protection. The risks are real, and the stakes are high, especially regarding sensitive information like credit card numbers. Please remember: reporting any compromised credit card details to credit card companies as quickly as possible is crucial.

At Valley Bank, we are deeply committed to our customers’ cybersecurity. We take extensive measures to protect against identity thieves and ensure your bank account’s security. Your safety is not just an obligation but a fundamental aspect of our service commitment to you.

If you are suspicious of scams, identity theft, or compromised credit card information when traveling or attending an event, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your financial security is our top priority.

Entrust your financial needs to Valley Bank and take a significant step toward better cybersecurity and peace of mind. 




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We can help protect you from identity theft and fraud

We can help protect you from identity theft and fraud

We take our customers' security very seriously at Valley, and we take significant measures to protect the security of your bank accounts and your personal and account information.

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