5 Questions with Angela Brauer

Published on Jul 01, 2021

5 Questions with Angela Brauer

Valley’s Women in Business program is proud to celebrate Women in Small Business Month every October. This month Valley’s Women in Business Program Director, Dorothy Kahlau sat down with some women at Valley to hear their inspirations and advice.

Dorothy recently asked Angela Brauer, a Business Banker at Valley, a few questions.

Dorothy Kahlau: What are some strategies you’ve learned that can help women achieve a more prominent role in their organizations?
Angela Brauer: Keep moving forward, don’t wait for something to happen. You can create change by being BOLD: speak up, stand out and surround yourself with leaders.

DK: What have you learned about leadership and entrepreneurship from your work with small businesses?
AB: A great leader has a vision, learns along the way and readjusts as needed. I give a lot of credit to women who own small businesses. It’s not easy to survive in this unpredictable environment, especially when you are told to shut down for awhile, only open at a certain capacity or have other restrictions.

DK: What advice do you have for women in small business?
Be creative, confident and prepared for uncertain times. Make sure you have a trusted advisor to guide you along your financial career path.

DK: What qualities do you see in the women you work with who own/manage a small business?
AB: She is extremely dedicated, professional, empathic and strong. She puts her heart and soul into her business every day

DK: How about a fun one—what’s your favorite dessert?
AB: Ice cream—any flavor. Variety is the spice of life! My first job was working at Dairy Queen and to this day soft serve is still my favorite.