5 Questions with Darlene L. Wilson, Relay Accounting Management

Published on Jan 03, 2023

5 Questions with Darlene L. Wilson, Relay Accounting Management

Darlene Wilson is the Managing Principal and founder of Relay Accounting Management, commonly referred to as RAM. RAM opened in January 2006 as a lifestyle business to satisfy the demands of her personal life and desire to dedicate her time to both her work and her child. RAM has now evolved into one of the fastest-growing accounting businesses in the country. The company was nominated for the ICIC’s Inner City 100 Award for 2019. The Inner City 100 is a nationwide rating of the nation’s fastest-growing inner-city firms. RAM is purposely located in the center of an underrepresented community to support the progress and well-being of so many others.

Darlene’s goal in starting RAM was to relieve the load of key non-core operations by virtualizing them and making them more effective, productive, and lucrative. Learn more about Darlene below with her five questions!


What is your best tip for a productive day?

Get your rest! Prepare and plan for the day, and that includes updating your tasks and managing your calendar in advance. Allow for time to think through the day and eat lunch daily. 

When did you decide you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Life decided for me that I was going to be an entrepreneur. Being an active parent was just as important to me as my career. I needed the flexibility that entrepreneurship offered. I don’t work less, I just work flexible hours. It has now turned into a legacy for my son. I’ve built something that he has grown to admire and want to be a part of and that’s the most rewarding blessing in my career. I’ve been on this journey for 17 years.

What specific traits or qualities do you believe are most necessary for achieving success as a business owner?

You must have a humble spirit, be willing to shift or pivot, be able to take constructive criticism and use it to elevate both personally and professionally, be disciplined, and of course committed to the work at hand. Most of all…laugh at yourself and fail fast! 

What does your business mean to the community?

The community means more to me and my team. We want to be present and be a resource for business services that are needed. Many drop by to ask basic questions or need fax, copy, or Notary services. We are there for them even if it’s just a moment to stop by and say hello! 

How does your business help the community?

We contribute to holiday toy drives and end of school year fun days. We are active and love the people of our community and we know it’s our presence in that community that helps to stabilize the neighbors. They know they can count on us to support them.