5 Questions with Gloria Webb

Published on Jul 01, 2021

5 Questions with Gloria Webb

Valley’s Women in Business program is proud to celebrate Women in Small Business Month every October. This month Valley’s Women in Business Program Director sat down with some women at Valley to hear their inspirations and advice.

Dorothy recently asked Gloria Webb, a Business Banker at Valley, a few questions.

Dorothy Kahlau: What inspires you in your career?

Gloria Webb: Seeing how hard my parents worked as immigrants inspired me to get an education and continues to inspire me in my career.

DK: What’s the most helpful advice you ever received?

GW: The most important advice I received in my career was the importance of being resourceful, whether it’s networking to build relationships, asking for help or having a growth mindset.

DK: How do you support other women in the business world?
GW: It’s exciting to be part of the WIB program that fosters relationships among WIB.  And, how fabulous to be part of a platform that educates and provides resources for WIB.

DK: What have you learned about leadership and entrepreneurship from your work with small businesses?
GW: Small businesses that succeed are innovative and find ways to build sources of income or reduce expenses in order to be successful.  Especially, now with the COVID Environment, it’s important to strategize and see what can be done differently.

DK: What advice do you have for women in small business?
GW: Continue to tap into your resilience and resourcefulness. Find your voice, and do not be afraid to ask for what you or your business needs.  Build your team and surround yourself with support.

DK: And a fun one—what’s your favorite book?
GW: One of my favorite books is She by Koby Yamada. Very quick read and it celebrates You!