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Women Leading the Charge: Financial Crime Prevention at Valley

Published on Mar 22, 2024

Women Leading the Charge: Financial Crime Prevention at Valley

In today’s digital era, financial crimes present significant challenges. These crimes usually fall into three main categories: fraud, money laundering, and sanctions violations. Fraud, in particular, affects all bank customers, with issues like check fraud and social engineering scams becoming more common.

Collaboration with law enforcement and regulators is essential in our strategy to combat financial crimes. Regular discussions help us share knowledge and best practices, making us better equipped to tackle evolving threats and safeguard our customers’ interests.

Dealing with financial crimes can be emotionally taxing for customers. Few things are as distressing as finding out about unauthorized transactions. That’s why Valley offers support and resources to help customers through tough situations. Education is key, empowering customers to recognize and address risks effectively.

We’re proud of our successful efforts in fighting financial crimes through collaboration and innovation. Initiatives like our Fusion Room, where different departments and law enforcement work together, have been effective in protecting our customers’ assets. We’re committed to staying ahead of new threats with improved fraud prevention tools and educational resources.

I encourage our customers to stay vigilant and proactive in protecting their finances. Together, we can tackle the challenges of financial crimes, using our combined knowledge and resources to build a secure financial future. At Valley, we’re dedicated to excellence in preventing financial crimes, with women leaders driving positive change and innovation.

At Valley, we take a comprehensive approach to spotting and stopping financial crimes. We use advanced technology like AI and machine learning to detect unusual behavior while minimizing false alarms. But we also value the intuition of our staff, who play a crucial role in identifying suspicious activity and guiding customers.

Jennifer Yager is the Head of Financial Crimes and Compliance, AML Compliance at Valley Bank. In her role, she is committed to protecting customers’ financial assets and ensuring their safety in an ever-evolving landscape of financial crimes. 

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