Angie’s Cleaning Solutions brings the comfort and cleanliness you’re craving

Published on Nov 02, 2021

Angie’s Cleaning Solutions brings the comfort and cleanliness you’re craving

If the year 2020 taught us anything, it’s that your home should be your sanctuary. Most of us ended up spending the majority of our time at home, and with that came the realization that maybe some updates and renovations were a bit overdue.


It’s not surprising that when hanging at home you want your space to feel peaceful and relaxed. One of the best ways to make that happen is by keeping it clean and organized. But homes are filled with our children, pets, family members and friends, so keeping it clean is no easy feat. Angela Hernandez understands the importance of being able to live and work in a clean space, and she created her company to make sure that’s the experience you and your family have.

Making more time for memories

Angie’s Cleaning Solutions started in 2016 and has continually expanded throughout the years. Starting out as a residential cleaning company, they now work with commercial spaces as well, ensuring both employees and patrons feel cared for in their space. “I started my cleaning business because I love cleaning and wanted to help women spend time with their family instead of worrying about cleaning their home. I also realized I wanted business owners not to worry about how their business looked and to have peace of mind that they have a reliable cleaning service that would represent them by having a clean, safe and disinfected facility.” Angela told us when speaking about what inspired her.



“As a formal massage therapy expert, I believe in relaxation. We believe your home is your temple, so we take our jobs seriously and like to implement little ‘extras’, such as aroma-therapy oil to help your home have a relaxed feel.”

– Angela Hernandez, Owner of Angie’s Cleaning Solutions


A need for clean

The COVID-19 health pandemic made it clear that a clean space was not just a luxury, but a necessity. Angie’s Cleaning Solutions focused their efforts on keeping homes and business safe with their cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing methods. Her team also provided instructions and information on how to keep homes and businesses germ-free, so that her clients could continue maintain safety measures between appointments. Angie says that “a clean place is a safe place”, a philosophy that now resonates with many people across the globe. 

A seamless banking relationship

As Angela’s business grew, she needed a bank that could help her manage her money, stay organized and provide support as her needs changed. She heard about Valley through other business contacts who had positive things to say. Since utilizing Valley as her banking partner, Angela told us she has really enjoyed the transparency and reliability that she’s gotten from her customer service team.



“Angela’s customer service and personal approach when interacting with her customers sets her business apart, as she brings comfort and trust to all her clients.” 

– Christina Schratz, Community Lending Business Development Officer Valley Bank

We are grateful to have customers like Angela, who are building their business while providing much needed services our communities.