How to grow your medical practice

Published on Jan 26, 2022

How to grow your medical practice

Competition for medical providers has never been greater. If you want your medical practice to stand out among the pack, grow and thrive, it’s important to take some steps to acquire new patients, retain the ones you have, and increase awareness of your practice both within your community and online. Below are some tips to do just that, so you can grow your patient base now and in the future.

Focus on customer experience

The best way to get new patients is to make the patients you have as happy as possible. Happy patients will refer you to their friends and family, who will in turn recommend you to their friends and family. To ensure your patients are satisfied with their experience at your practice, do an audit of your current processes and procedures to uncover issues. Ask your patients if they have any frustrations. You should also consider using technology to allow for online scheduling, virtual appointments, and other tools to allow for greater ease and accessibility for your patients.

Communicate & be authentic

A good way to retain patients and create loyalty is to communicate with them on a regular basis. Whether you are using social media, email, or just leaving a voicemail message to check in with them or follow up after a procedure, show that your team is human and strive to make a personal connection.

Tell your story – and share it!

Good storytelling is a key component of any marketing plan today. Be sure the story of your practice, your team, your expertise and your involvement in the community is being told in a compelling way. Share that story via regular blog posts, emails, social media posts and more. You may even want to consider doing some videos or podcasts to truly stand out. Targeted digital ads can also help you tell your story and build engagement with prospective patients.

Ramp up referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of any practice, and most patients still choose their doctors based on word of mouth – even if that word is online. When you are planning your practice’s marketing strategy, be sure to include an incentive plan for those who refer family and friends, and also encourage five-star reviews on Google or Facebook. Share your best reviews and testimonials on your website or your own social media pages to maximize their reach and impact.

Get involved in your community

Even in today’s digital world, you need a localized presence for your practice, so get involved in the community where you work and live. Consider having an open house at your practice, volunteering for a local non-profit organization, or setting up a booth at local events to provide helpful health information. When people get to know you and see that you care about their community, they’ll be more likely to trust you and want to become a patient.

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Healthcare Financial Services

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