The benefits of managing multiple users on one business account

Published on Nov 05, 2021

The benefits of managing multiple users on one business account

Valley’s Online Banking Platform was designed to provide powerful features and financial tools that help our commercial customers easily perform all their banking in the most convenient and secure way possible. Businesses can use the platform to manage multiple commercial accounts, transfer funds from one account to another, pay bills, approve transactions, process ACH and wire payments, and even enable text banking. One of the most helpful features for businesses in our online banking platform is the power to grant customized access to your accounts to multiple users.

This allows you to designate different roles and tasks to different employees, without the security risks inherent with sharing a single password/user account or granting everyone complete access. With Valley’s online banking platform, you can:

The “Manage Users” section of our banking platform allows you to easily add or delete users, as well as editing which accounts they can access, what tasks they can perform, approval limits, and more. This gives you total flexibility. For example, you can assign your accountant the rights to access all accounts, whereas a specific employee may just be allowed to make payments from a selected account.

Enabling your employees to access online accounts on a “need-to-know” basis greatly improves in-house security, accountability, and efficiency.

Other benefits of our online banking platform for commercial users includes:

Additionally, we offer multiple layers of security including IBM Trusteer Pinpoint™ Detect, a cloud-based authentication solution, encryption for wires/ACH money transfers through the use of Symantec VIP Tokens, SSL encryption for account information, browser registration to verify your identity at login, and more.

To learn more about how Valley’s online banking platform can help take your business to the next level, visit or reach out to one of our friendly representatives to help you get started.