Capital markets signaling broader tightening of financial conditions

Published on Oct 28, 2022

Capital markets signaling broader tightening of financial conditions

Capital markets activity in the U.S. has slowed considerably this year. In 2020 and 2021, total debt and equity issuance for corporates reached $2.6 and $2.2 trillion, respectively. To-date in 2022, issuance is down 56% to $980 billion. As a result, firms have found it more difficult to obtain financing for their operations. In the medium-term, this dynamic in the capital markets may be foreshadowing a broader retreat, which could result in reduced lending.

Given today’s challenging environment, cash management is a critical aspect for firms to manage and grow their operations. All businesses need to:

And with a multitude of headwinds including rising interest rates, supply chain challenges, and credit likely tightening, firms need to manage their cash more effectively than ever. That’s why we turned to our Treasury Solutions Team to understand how our offering can be a critical component to provide firms with the tools and expertise they need to navigate these challenging waters.

Learn how our Treasury Solutions offering can maximize cash flow

Treasury Solutions creates efficiencies for our clients to maximize working capital by expediting collection of receivables, automating payments, and protecting against fraud. These are key aspects of an organization’s financial stability. Let’s talk about how our solutions can help clients achieve their financial objectives.

The Valley Treasury Solutions Team is highly experienced with many associates having 30+ years working with Corporate and Middle-Market clients. When developing a client relationship, our focus is on creating a partnership built on trust and knowledge of their business. We provide consultative solutions that suit our client’s specific needs, armed with an arsenal of industry-leading products that are competitively priced to tailor the optimal solutions. We have the features and functionality that enable us to compete with banks of all sizes. Our team is equipped to impress clients and prospects and win their business.

Our nationwide Treasury Solutions team is one of a kind. A key differentiator is that we handle the relationship from end to end:

Learn more about our competitive offering by contacting your Treasury Solutions representative.


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