Turn Your Financial Dreams into Reality: How to Create a Financial Vision Board

Published on May 13, 2022

Turn Your Financial Dreams into Reality: How to Create a Financial Vision Board

Many people find managing their finances to be an intimidating task. Saving money and budgeting can help you achieve many of your life’s goals, but sometimes we lose sight of that when making day-to-day decisions. A financial vision board can help with that, providing a daily, visual reminder of your goals and the progress you’re making towards fulfilling your financial dreams.

What is a financial vision board?

You may have heard of vision boards before – essentially, they are a collection of images (usually cut out of magazines or printed out images from the Internet) that are displayed on a piece of poster-board to help you focus on what’s most important to you. A financial vision board does this by representing your short- and long-term financial goals – such as buying a house, traveling, or completing your education. Your financial vision board may also include charts or goal thermometers that you can fill in to track your progress.

How to create your financial vision board

Collect images

To build your own financial vision board, start by collecting a large number of images that resonate with you. You don’t have to think about it too much yet, just select images that you like for whatever reason: a beautifully designed kitchen, a sunny beach, a delicious-looking meal. When you have 20-30 pictures, spread them out in front of you and pick the ones that would reflect a positive vision of how you want your life to be. Those will be the photos you use for your vision board.

Relate images to your goals

Now, take a close look at each image individually and think about how that image may reflect one of your life goals. From this exercise, you may realize that you’ve always wanted to go to France, or that you want to someday have a home with a garden. As you determine these goals, write them down to start envisioning the future you aspire to.




Start arranging your board

Take your large piece of cardboard or poster-board and divide it into a simple four-square grid by drawing one line down the middle vertically and another horizontally. The top half of your vision board should be for larger goals that will require a good bit of savings to achieve (buying a house, paying off your student loans), while the lower half should be for goals that require little to no cost, such as exercising or spending more time with family. The left side of the grid should be for goals that you can realize relatively sooner, while the right side is for more long-term goals. Organize your board accordingly and post your pictures in place with tape or a glue stick. Also find a prominent place to include progress charts.

Check out the video below to hear directly from our Vision Board Expert, Kate Lombardo.

About our expert, Kate Lombardo

Kate Lombardo is yoga teacher and trainer, wellness educator, and mindset coach. She is passionate about teaching people how to live happier, more balanced lives filled with abundance and ease. Learn more about Kate and check out her programs at www.yogarenewteachertraining.com. Plus, Valley readers can get 50% off a Vision Board course with Kate! (Yes, you read that right, 50%!) Just use code VALLEYBANK at checkout.

Set your sights on your vision

Once your financial vision board is complete, place it somewhere you can see it every day so you can stay on track with your financial goals. Also, be sure to change your vision board over time, adding to it as new priorities emerge in your life, or removing pictures that no longer resonate with you.

At Valley, we’re committed to helping you achieve your financial vision, by providing you with the financial resources, services, and expertise to help you take control of your financial life. 

Look to Valley to help you reach your financial goals – whether that’s buying your first home or planning for retirement. Visit Valley.com to learn more or contact us. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see more tips!



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