Your guide to unwrapping more peaceful planning this holiday

Published on Dec 07, 2021

Your guide to unwrapping more peaceful planning this holiday

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and that can lead some of us to pull out all the stops to meet our family’s expectations for the joyful holiday of our dreams. But if we take that as a license to spend with abandon, the aftermath can be messy.

That’s because overspending during the holidays can harm your financial mental health, making it hard to enjoy the season or start with a clean slate in 2022. And it’s easy to get carried away:  The average holiday debt was $1,381 last year. Consumers have another stressful challenge this year, with many retailers predicting inventory shortages, empty shelves and delayed shipping caused by supply chain turmoil. That could lead shoppers to pay more than expected to get the item they want or to find a reasonable replacement.

How can you celebrate an exciting holiday season that preserves your financial mental health? The secret is in the planning. Here are three areas where you can save this year that will allow you to partake in everything that makes the holidays special, while still starting 2022 off right.

How to save on gift giving

For most consumers, presents are the biggest budget buster. Start by writing down everyone you’ll be gifting and a price range for the item. Is the list a little longer than you expected? We have you covered with some ideas to slim it down:

How to save on decorating

Want a holiday extravaganza to rival those you see in the movies? Don’t do it…your pocketbook, electric bill, and neighbors will all thank you. Here’s what to do instead:

How to save on celebrating

So many options, so little time…and so much money to enjoy them all. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s how to enjoy the season to its fullest without maxing out your budget.

A streamlined holiday season can be just as magical as a frenzied one where you overspend, and lead to a far happier 2022. The best part is you’ll be a step ahead on your financial mental health.

Find more ideas for saving on the holiday and managing your money all year long at the Valley Bank Learning Center.